‘Why does my Pet suffer Pet Anxiety?’

The most asked question about resolving Animal Behaviour
must be 'How to calm Pet Anxiety?'
Noise Phobia and Anxiety affects most Dogs, Cats, Horses or pet Birds behavior.
 Living with pet anxiety is not only a complex problem for pets,
its also very stressful for pet owners.

To Help Solve Pet Anxiety...

Scientific research by Pet Acoustics Inc. discovered how sound tiggers pet behaviours.

Research identifed each pet specie hearing frequency range is different.

 Hearing high alert frequencies by pets can trigger agitated behaviors.

By Detouring the alert hearing frequencies proved to restore a calm animal behavior.

This research break-through provides a natural solution for pet owners. 

Pet Tunes.

Thousands of Pets and owners Worldwide now use Pet Tunes 
 with specially modified Specie-Specific Music, 
to calm pet anxiety.
Proven to REDUCE owners Stress
- CALMs  Pet Anxiety
- RELEIF of Noise Phobias
- RESTORE Behavioural Balance within Minutes 
Pet Tunes is specially composed music for each pet species audio frequency range,

Clinically tested with proven results by Veterinarians

to Calm Anxiety and Restore Behaviour Naturally.

All you have to do is


The Pet Tunes Story - A profound Tool adjusting Animal Sonic Behaviours

Sound Behaviorist Janet Marlow, M.A., Founder and CEO of Pet Acoustics Inc.

She is a 5th generation musician, internationally recognized for her contribution to the understanding of acute hearing in our pets. and sound as a trigger for pet anxiety behavior.

In 1997, Marlow first developed the concept of species-specific music for pets suffering anxiety. Today, her business Pet Acoustics is a trusted brand in the pet wellness market. Pet Acoustic products are clinically tested, approved by veterinarians to restore a pets’ calm environment by altering their sonic environment.

“Addressing Pets hearing sensitives as a pet parent is an important part of their care. Animals hear higher frequency ranges than humans and this upper register is what animals use for their survival.”

Since 2009 Pet Acoustics’ innovations have helped thousands of pets and owners worldwide. The products pre-loaded with special frequency-modified music are tested to change the behavior of Dogs, Cats, Horses and Pet Birds suffering anxiety and noise phobias.

“Music is a very profound tool for animals because it is frequency, tone and volume they daily use in their lives. Music is a way of balancing the pet’s sonic environment and that's what Pet Tunes is all about” says Janet Marlow

Scientific Method

Species-Specific Music

Our Pets hear more than Humans

Scientific studies showed our pet animal species have higher frequency hearing range compared to humans.

Cats hearing is three times, Dogs hearing over two times and Horse one and half times that of humans. This explains their alertness to sounds before any human hears it. 

The science behind Pet Acoustics music is a process. Frequencies and decibel levels are digitally modified within original compositions according to each animal's acute hearing levels.

The research helped provide ideal sonic environments for each pet specie. This translated to a science based method to naturally balance their behaviors.

Scientific Study proved Pet Tunes was measurable and produced repeatable Results.

Janet Marlow, Sound Behaviorist, is currently in collaboration with veterinarians and institutions around the world continuing her research to benefit animal well-being.

Ultra Calmer for Dogs - How to Relieve Noise Phobias in Dogs

Ultra Calmer
Canine Stress 
Relief Collar

A solution for dogs that suffer from anxiety triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks and noise phobias.

Ultra Calmer is a collar device placed on back of the Dog's neck.  Clinically tested and proven to relieve canine stress. Ultra Calmer confidently calms your dog's agitated behavior within MINUTES.

Dog's hearing frequency is twice that of humans so their hearing sensitivities are a major part of a dog’s life. Ultra Calmer collar device is centered between the dog’s ears which focuses their acute hearing on the calming music, masking agitating sounds, diminishing anxiety.

Easily clicks on for immediate effects during a thunderstorm, fireworks, walking on the street, in the car, going to the vet clinic, clip on your dog prior suffering anxiety or phobias from loud noise.

Collar Available in 3 Sizes

Small Dog ( 22 - 33 cms )
Medium Dog (30 -45 cms)
Large Dog ( 40 - 63 cms )

Pets Acoustic Range

How it Works

Canine noise stress is triggered by high and low frequencies and loud volume.

Pet Acoustics is a leader in science-based frequency-modified music. The Ultra Calmer is pre-loaded with specially composed Ultra Calming music and protected by Safe Volume © will claim anxious Canine Behaviors.

The Ultra Calmer is worn on the back of the dog’s neck attached to a well fitted collar. It is so effective, should only take minutes for the dog to curl up and release stress.

The Ultra Calmer is Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes EXTREME for
quick results on the noise-phobic dog.

A Safe NATURAL  Way to clam Noise Phobic Dogs

Which One ?

Difference between Pet Tunes & Ultra Calmer

Ultra Calmer has a completely different design of music than Pet Tunes. 
Both units calm canine anxious behaviors.

Ultra Calmer is used as an immediate relief source using specific music tones within close proximity to your dog’s ears.

The dogs acute hearing during thunderstorms or triggered noise phobias will be detoured, masked by the Ultra Calmer. It continuously plays for up to 3 hours. 

 Only the Dog hears the Ultra Calmer. Modified with Safe Volume design just for canine response.

Pet Tunes for Canine is designed for more ambient disbursement of modified sounds to calm your dog, or a number of dogs. 

A sense of well being is enjoyed by people and dogs.This means humans will find the music very low in volume at a level just right for your dog’s ears to diffuse intensity of the agitating sounds. Enter your text here...

  • Pet Tunes is a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Pre-loaded with special frequency modified music.
  • Fully rechargeable battery plays up to 8 hours
  • Ease click -ON to play
  • Up / Down volume control.
  • Connected USB cord for 24 / 7 play.
  • Includes lanyard to hang Pet Tunes where needed.
  • Pet Tunes cube is audible to human ear, Transportable for travel, use at home, within clinics and kennel environments

Studies & Research

What Do Pets Hear?

Dogs, Cats and Horses hear frequency ranges that are both much higher and much lower than what humans are capable of hearing. In addition to their acute hearing, the important difference between their hearing capacity and ours is that an animal does not have the same spatial localization as a human, even though their hearing is more acute.

In other words, they react to the sound source without analyzing what it is, but react to frequency and volume with a

flight or fight response.

Our pets most times live in non-nature environments. These instinctive reactions to extreme sounds can often manifest as behavioral responses such as stress, anxiety or aggression.

Animals listen to sounds and music quite differently than humans. Your pet does not have the same audio/spatial localization ability that you have. If there are jarring sounds or shots of loud unexpected volumes, a dog, cat or horse will hear the sound at a greater intensity than humans and instinctively go into the Fight or Flight mode. Amazingly, dogs can react to a sound at .06 of a second.

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Scientific Methods

Clinical Studies

Music Calms Fidelco GuideDogs 8 Month Study

The Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation(Lori McClain Russak, Manager and Tommy Mourad, Head Trainer) in collaboration with Pet Acoustics(Janet Marlow), 2015.

Study | Observe (12) GermanShepherds individually, in a high stress behavioral state before and after the music experience.The Pet Tunes music and Ultra Calmer were used alternately. Each dog experience lasted up to 20 minutes to collect data.

Results | 90% of the dogs released their states of stress within (5) minutes of listening to the music, remaining in a state of calm and rest. One dog took up to 20 minutes to release the stress behavior.

Music Calms Dog and Owner in Training 90-Day Study

The Good Dog Foundation (HeatherWhite, Executive Trainer) in collaboration with Pet Acoustics(Janet Marlow), 2014.

Study | Observe the effect of Pet Acoustics music on both pets and owners during training classes.

Results | 80% of participants reported that they felt that the music calmed their dogs as well as themselves; 90% of canines displayed positive reactions as evidenced by their ability to focus on a task at hand with their owner; 86% Canine that showed decreased frequency of stress signals and showed neutral to positive body language towards their owners.

Colum Music Calms Horses Emotional State Study

Published in the Journal of EquineVeterinary Science, 35(5), 650656.Stachurska, A., Janczarek, I., Wilk, I.,and Kedzierski, W., 2015.

Study | Determine the effect of music played in the barn, on the emotional state of race horses.

Results | The music positively impacted the emotional state and performance of treated horses, compared to the control group. What was so remarkable was that the effect was noticeable throughout every activity. Janet Marlow, M.A.,composer's Equine music was used in this study.

Pet Acoustics' breakthrough research has helped thousands of Pets and
Pet Owners Worldwide to modify stress induced behaviors.

Now Pet Owners can Confidently control Pet Anxiety Stress