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an innovative way

 To Calm Pet Anxiety


Calming your Pet Anxiety Behaviour

can be a stressful problem for pet owners to resolve.

Here you will Discover an Innovative Tool

to create sound environments unique for

Dogs | Cats | Horses | pet Birds

clinically proven to Calm Pet Anxiety Behaviour,

Reduce Noise Phobic Fear (thunderstorms, fireworks), 

Naturally restore your pet's behavioural wellbeing.

Based on scientific study measuring each pet species hearing sensitivity,

pet owners can now safely calm anxious pets within minutes.

Pet Tunes

Specie-Specific music For

Dogs | Cats | Horses | BIrds

Pet Tunes Music for dogs to calm dog separation anxiety

Pet Tunes

Calming Music for Dogs with

separation anxiety, travel stress,

barking, benefits puppy training...

Music for Cats to calm anxious behaviour

Pet Tunes

Calming Music for Cats to 

calm environment stress, 

nocturnal activity, travel anxiety..

Music for horses to solve separation anxiety

Pet Tunes

Calming Music for Horses to 

relax Agitated Behaviour on 

trail rides, storms, trailer travel...

Pet Tunes for Birds

Pet Tunes

Calming Music for Bird

to engage in activity, solve 

feather picking, separation

anxiety, meaningful interaction.

Ultra Calmer

Stress Relief Collar for Dogs 

suffering anxiety triggered

by Thunderstorms, Fireworks 

& Noise Phobic Stress...

Fit Tunes

Diminish Reactive Behaviour

on walks, runs and playtime.

Stimulate activity, calmer walk,

observe less pulling on leash...

Pet Tunes holiday music for dog and cats

Pet Tunes Holiday

Spirited Calming Music for dogs and cats

to calm behaviour during heightened activity

Pet tunes Holiday music for dogs and cats

Pet Tunes Holiday

Spirited Music to Gently Soothe Dog and Cat Behaviour

"Animals use sound as a natural tool,

they listen to tone and volume for their survival"


the Pet Calmer offers a unique range of innovative pet-specific products based on Pet Acoustics scientific research study, a measure of each pet specie hearing sensitivity.

Results showed - Pets hearing is up to 3 times more sensitive to sound compared to humans.

Frequency levels varied for each pet specie.

The study identified frequency and decibel levels triggering a change to pet behaviour - Agitation, 

Anxiety,  Noise Phobic Stress.

Discovery - Providing an ideal sonic environment specific to the pet-specie hearing, proved to calm pet anxiety, reduce noise phobias and restore a natural  behavioural balance. 

Modified pet-specific music induced calm behaviour.

Maximum Animal Hearing Range (Hz)


the Pet Calmer is part of a new awareness of the complex needs for our pets well-being.

The challenge is to understand how pets communicate stress and how to measure the result to benefit each animal. team is striving to help innovate products that become lifestyle tools for pet parents,  for their pets best care and stress-free lifestyle.

Music proved to be the preferred tool by animals to influence a calm positive behaviour.

How to calm pet anxiety in dogs
Maximum Animal Hearing Range (Hz)

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do veterinarians think?

The speaker system and music has been amazing for our pets in hospital, they're calm and heal better.

Dr. Jason Berg

Animal Speciality Centre

I've found the best music out there. The frequencies are designed to calm down dogs, clinically proven to work.

Dr Heather Loenser

Crown Veterinary Specialist

We have had great results in our clinic. One dog, blind and diabetic, barked incessantly. With Pet Acoustics, he relaxed and fell asleep. The same applied to several cats with a history of being tough—they relaxed as well.

We Love out Pet Tunes! We have music boxes in the wards for both cats and dogs and a couple of spares for situations. It's made a huge difference.

Cathy May

Pet Wellness Centre -

more than just a Vet -

Gold Coast Australia

Dr. Dale Krier

Creature Comfort Veterinary Clinic

Jessie & Buddy Customer testimonial

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Tam Young (Shead)

Review Pet Tunes Canine during a Thunderstorm

Tam Young (Shead)  

Ridestrong Canine & Equine Therapy

Tam Young (Shead)

Review of Pet Tunes Equine in stalls, during horse training, with Farrier and Acupuncture therapy sessions.

Proudly  serving  pets

Pet Acoustics Inc. and are confident Pet Tunes and Ultra Calmer stress relief collar will help restore a calmness in your pet.   Pet Tunes is science based music, composed and digitally modified for each Pet-Specie hearing frequency to restore calm behaviour.
Clinically proven and approved by veterinarians for your pets wellbeing.

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