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Pet Tunes

How long does Pet Tunes play before it repeats? 

How long does the battery last?

How do you charge PeT Tunes?

Does this come to me already charged? 

Can more music be added to the Micro SD Card? 

How do I put more music on it? 

How do you connect with Bluetooth?

Does this come with a cord that also plugs in to a wall? 

Can you actually hear the music? 

Does this keep playing, or does it stop once it's done? 

Is the Pet Tunes speaker loud enough for a large room or kennel? 

Is it normal for there to be a delay before the music starts? 

Can I safely play Pet Tunes music when my pet is already calm and relaxed ? 

Ultra Calmer

Is there a maximum period that a dog can wear it for? 

Will there be a time when the dog becomes immune to the Ultra Calmer and thus it no longer works?

My dog is already calm. Will it still work?

Can the Ultra Calmer be worn with other products (such a straps or vests)? 

After putting the Ultra Calmer on my dog, how long before it takes effect? 

Does it work on cats or do you have a separate cat series? 

Do you need to charge it out-of-the-box?

How do you charge the Ultra Calmer? 

How do you know when the battery is fully charged? 

Should it be worn on the back of neck or under neck?? 

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