Science  based  methods

Sound Triggers Behavioural Response

Specie - Specific

Animals use Frequency, Tone and Volume
they hear for their survival,
Specie Specific Music provides calming balance in their behaviour.

Science Based Music for
Pet Species

The science behind Pet Tunes is a special process in which frequencies and decibel levels are digitally modified for acute pet hearing sensitivities. Providing ideal sonic environments is a natural and profound method that minimises pet stress and re-balances behaviour.
Music proved to be the preferred tool for animals to listen for tone and volume for their survival.
The results are measurable and repeatable for each pet-specie..

Clinical Studies

What pets hear matters
Music Calms Fidelco Guide Dogs
  • 8-month study (2015)
  • Fidelio Guide Dog Foundation
  • Lori McClain Russak, Mananger
    Tommy Mourad, Head Trainer
  • Pet Acoustics
  • Janet Marlow, Sound Behaviourist
  • Study
  • Observe (12) German Shepards individually in high stress behavioural state before and after the music experience.
  • Results
  • 90% of the dogs released their states of stress within (5) minutes of listening to the music remaining in a state of calm and rest.

Music Calms Dogs & Owners in Training
  • 90-day study (2014)
  • The Good Dog Foundation
  • Heather White, Executive Trainer
  • Pet Acoustics
  • Janet Marlow, Sound Behaviourist
  • Study
  • Observe the effect of Pet Acoustic music on both pets and owners during training classes.
  • Results
  • 90% of canines displayed positive reactions as evidence d by their ability to focus on a task at hand with their owner.

Music Calms Horse Emotional State
  • Published 2015
  • Journal Of Equine Veterinary Science
  • Iwona Janczarek
    Anna Stachurska
  • Izabela Wilk
  • Witold Kedziersk
  • Pet Acoustics
  • Janet Marlow, Sound Behaviourist
  • Study
  • Determine the effect of music played in the stable, on the emotional state of race horses.
  • Results
  • The music positively impacted the emotional state and performance of treated horses compared to the control group. What was so remarkable was that the effect was noticeable throughout every activity. Janet Marlow. M.A. composer's Equine music was used in this study.

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