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Pet Tunes Canine with Canine calm music card
Front view Pet Tunes Canine blue music box

Pet Tunes Canine and Dogs & Cats Music Bundle


Pet Tunes for Canine is a Bluetooth speaker pre-loaded with frequency-modified music, composed specially to take into account the unique hearing abilities of dogs. Pet Tunes calming music is a proven method to reduce canine stress, fear and anxiety at home.

This Music Bundle includes Pet Tunes Feline Bluetooth speaker pre-loaded with the original calming dog music, as well as Dogs and Cats Micro SD Card with an additional eleven (11) new music tracks. You can interchange Dogs and Cats SD card with the Pet Tunes speaker music for a variation of sound dog's love to reduce stress behaviours.

Pet Tunes works for both single dog or multi dog and cat households. Speaker size is small and robust. It's portable to use around the home, during car and crate travel. Provides a calming benefit during veterinary examination and shown to enhance a dog's recovery treatment under veterinary care.

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Listen Now -  Sample of Pet Tunes for Dogs

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Listen Now -  Sample of  Dogs & Cats music

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